How To Find Trustworthy Whitby Landscapers

When it comes time to improve exterior look of your home, and specifically you home’s landscaping, you’ll want do make sure you are hiring professionals for this job. But not just any landscaper, you need to hire someone you can trust. I plan on improving my own property in the near future (just had a stump removed by the guys from StumpTech) and decided it would be beneficial to learn more about this so I looked around and found a local company to discuss this with. So here is what a Whitby landscaping company, with a few extra pointers from myself, have to say on the matter.

beautiful rock garden landscape design completed in the backyard of a whitby home

Look For Reviews

Reading online reviews are a bit of a no-brainer in the sense that you can definitely get an idea of how well a company is doing based on their feedback. But one of the biggest things to understand is that getting reviews can be tough for companies and so some actually turn to a bit of a dark side here by getting fake reviews. In order to see through this practice you’ll need to read a few of both good and bad reviews. Sometimes the bad reviews will reveal a customer who could never be pleased (unreasonable demands) and this can help to solidify a landscaper that you can trust. Other times it can be painfully obvious with some companies that their hundreds of 5-star reviews are simply fake, in such a case it’s difficult to recommend a contractor like this.

Look For Pictures

So you should be able to find some landscapers that seem to know what they’re doing, check out their website and see what sort of landscape designs they’ve done for other clients. Perhaps they have a portfolio of their work they can show you in person, regardless make sure that they can at least give you an idea of what sort of work they’ve done and are capable of doing for you. You’ll be trusting these guys with your landscape so you’ll want to be sure that they get it right.

Look For Personable Landscapers

You’ll want to make sure that your Whitby landscapers are friendly, this might seem like another obvious thing. But hiring someone who you get along with is going to be very important if you decided that you want to make changes to the design and/or need to make special requests. Plus, you’ll likely be seeing these guys working at your home for at least a few days – make sure that they are going to be nice to your neighbours and take care of your property is very important.

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