3 Unique Challenges for Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Companies

Toronto is a unique city in many ways, but much of its climate, location, and environment has a great effect on eavestroughs. Toronto window & eavestrough cleaning companies face these challenges every day with a variety of equipment and skills. Here are just a few of the challenges facing Toronto eavestrough cleaners and why hiring professionals is a better idea than doing it yourself.

toronto eavestrough cleaning company working on a home in toronto area

1. Hot Summers and Cold Winters
Seasonal changes in Toronto affect almost every aspect of property ownership and management, from foundational maintenance right to roofing materials. The rapid temperature changes in the spring and fall can wreak havoc on your home or property, but especially in your gutters and eavestroughs. When water falls into your gutters, it can quickly freeze, melt, and freeze again, expanding and contracting with every change. This effect can damage your gutters by warping them or even pulling them off their mountings, which causes serious problems.

This can lead to:

  • Damaged property
  • Expensive repairs
  • Injury to nearby people

2. Humidity
Everyone who lives in Toronto is familiar with humidity, but they aren’t often aware of how that humidity can affect eavestroughs. In general, Toronto’s humid climate causes much of the same problems associated with freezing and thawing water, but the added water means eavestroughs often have to hold more weight than in other cities. The result is more water flowing and objects laden with water sitting in eavestroughs. This can cause them to fall right off your home if they aren’t properly cleaned out on a regular basis, or cause them to warp and improperly drain the water from your roof.

3. Local Flora and Fauna
Plants and animals love eavestroughs and this can cause major issues for your home. Besides the abundance of big leaves that can clog up your gutters, there are lots of birds and small mammals that will use your gutters for nests and food storage. The result is clogged gutter that simply do not work. When this happens, you need professional cleaners who can safely and humanely remove these obstacles, so that the animals aren’t harmed and neither is your home.

Professional Toronto eavestrough cleaning crews are your safest bet for getting clean, well-maintained gutters. Be sure to schedule regular cleanings so you don’t fall victim to Toronto’s unique eavestrough-related challenges.

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